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Product Code: 0892
Name: Stone Model
Pack Qty: 24 pcs
Minimum Order: 24 pcs
Product Code: 10300
Name: Picture Frame
Pack Qty: 1 pcs
Minimum Order: 6 pcs
Product Code: 10410
Name: Snowstorm
Pack Qty: 6 pcs
Minimum Order: 6 pcs
Product Code: 10320
Name: Cathedral  Magnet
Pack Qty: 12 pcs
Minimum Order: 12 pcs
Product Code: 10330
Name: Large Silver Bell
Pack Qty: 1 pcs
Minimum Order: 5 pcs
Product Code: 10341
Name: Canterbury Medium Teddy Bear
Size: 16cm
Pack Qty: 3 pcs
Minimum Order: 3 pcs